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Comprehensive chemical product solutions

About Us

With Renewable energy what’s to come is looking brilliant.

  • Since its establishment in 1998, jiuan chemical has been aiming to manufacture high-quality chemical raw materials, continuously reorganizing and technologically transforming production facilities, and becoming the most representative chemical enterprise in china.
  • Jiuan Chemical provides customers with high-purity neopentyl glycol, sodium formate and other products and chemical services. With a strong spirit of technological innovation, we meet the current and future needs of the society and the world from all walks of life.


This scale allows us to produce high quality chemical products and ensures a smooth flow of our production.


Excellent talents in chemical industry,Committed to providing customers with the best products and services

40,000 tons

We have a high-efficiency production line to meet customers' needs for high-quality products.

100% Satisfaction guarantee

Sufficient yield

Environmental protection

Professional service personnel

Good reputation

Some Partners

Develop with the enterprise

Jiuan chemical industry has been maintaining lasting relationships and projects with many well-known international companies. For example, new sino-french polymer materials,anhui shenjian,tien song industry, etc., Are recognized as one of the leading chemical raw material production companies in china!

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Customer Focus

Treat customers as the center of all business activities, exceed customer needs, and offer touches that can change customers' lives.


Keep learning with an open mind and be flexible and agile to change. Flexibly adjust strategies and processes according to changes in the environment and the market, and respond agilely. To proactively respond to change, keep learning with an open mind.


Actively cooperate based on mutual respect to create synergies.To achieve common goals, actively cooperate with other departments to create synergies.


With passion for work and bold challenges, grow together with the company. Enter the business with leadership and self-discipline, while enhancing the capabilities of individuals and organizations.


Provide innovative and sustainable solutions for the environment and society. Broadly recognize the scope of our social and environmental responsibilities and adopt a responsible attitude in decision-making and work.


Remember that safety is an important standard and value that cannot be replaced, and never compromise.


Premium Eco-Friendly Chemical Products

Neopentyl glycol

Neopentyl glycol slurry

Polyvinylidene difluoride
Sodium formate

Natural fatty alcohol

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