Neopentyl Glycol Slurry

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Product Information
Chemical name2,2-Dimethyl-1,3-Propanediol
Short nameNPG
Molecular formulaC5H12O2
Molecular weight104.15
CAS NO126-30-7
Product Categories
End Uses

Mainly used in architectural powder coating, automotive refinish paint, building materials, coil coatings,Intermediates, kitchen and bathroom, lubricants, metal coatings, paints and coatings, processing aids, protective coatings, resins.

Packaging And Storage

Store in a dry, ventilated, cool and clean warehouse. Dangerous gases, inflammables andexplosives or corrosive chemicals are not allowed in the warehouse. Temperature: 18 -35°C Relative humidity: 0- 80% Transportation: 20,000kg in ISO-Tank

Quality Indicators

Relying on the world’s leading chemical analysis laboratory, the quality of our products is trustworthy.

Melting point ‘ range(℃)31-38
Boiling point / range(℃)210
Flashpoint (℃)129
Color (APHA)MAX10
Oxidising propertiesNot oxidizing
Molecular Weight104.15g/mol
Density1.06g/cm: (21℃ )
Ignition temperature(℃)399
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