Polyvinylidene Difluoride

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Product Information
Chemical formula(CH2CF2)n
CAS NO24937-79-9
Product Categories
Product Characteristics

1. PVDF has excellent chemical corrosion resistance, excellent high temperature color change resistance and oxidation resistance.
2.PVDF has excellent wear resistance, flexibility, high tensile strength and impact resistance.
3. PVDF has excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays and high-energy radiation. 4. PVDF has poor hydrophilicity.

Packaging And Storage

Applications PVDF should be stored in a clean and dry environment at 5-30°C to avoid dust, water vapor and other impurities. Transport as non-dangerous goods, avoid heat, damp or violent vibration during transport.

Functional Characteristics

The maximum allowable working temperature in the air is high (can work continuously at 150 degrees), excellent chemical corrosion resistance and hydrolysis resistance, outstanding UV resistance and weather resistance. High mechanical strength, good rigidity, good creep resistance. Good sliding and wear resistance. Inherently low flammability, good electrical insulation properties.

Application Field

The application of PVDF is mainly concentrated in the three major fields of petrochemical, electrical and electronic and fluorocarbon coatings. Due to the good chemical resistance, processability, fatigue resistance and creep resistance of PVDF, it is the pump and valve of the whole or lining of the fluid treatment system of petrochemical equipment. , pipes, pipe fittings, storage tanks and heat exchangers. The good chemical stability and electrical insulation properties of PVDF enable the manufactured equipment to meet TOCS and flame retardant requirements. It is widely used in the storage and transportation of high-purity chemicals in the semiconductor industry. Porous membranes, gels, Separators, etc., are used in lithium secondary batteries. At present, this application has become one of the fastest growing markets for PVDF demand.

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