Sodium Formate

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Product Information
AliasSodium formate
Chemical formulaHCOONa
Molecular weight68.01
CAS NO141-53-7
Product Categories
Physical And Chemical Properties

Physicochemical properties: it is a white or light yellow crystalline solid at room temperature, with slight deliquescence. Slight formic acid odor. Hygroscopic. At high temperature, it decomposes into sodium oxalate and hydrogen, and then generates sodium carbonate. Dissolves in about 1.3 parts water. Soluble in glycerol and water, slightly soluble in ethanol, octanol, insoluble in ether. The relative density is 1.919g/cm³. Melting point 253 ℃. Irritating.

Main Use

Sodium formate is mainly used in the production of hydrosulfite, oxalic acid and formic acid. In the leather industry, it is used as camouflage acid in the chrome tanning process, as a catalyst and stabilizer for synthetic agents, and as a reducing agent in the printing and dyeing industry.
(1) ainly used for the production of formic acid, oxalic acid and hydrosulfite, etc., And also for the production of dimethylformamide, etc. Also used in medicine, printing and dyeing industry.
(2) Used as a reagent, disinfectant and mordant for the determination of phosphorus and arsenic.
(3) Used as a preservative.
(4) Used as explosives, acid-resistant materials, aviation lubricants, adhesive additives.

Packaging And Storage

It is sealed and packaged in iron drums lined with plastic film, and stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight, away from heat sources, acids, water, and humid air.

Production Method
Quality Indicators

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ProjectLevel 1Level 2Qualified product
Content %z959390
Organic matter %24.568
NaNL %Z0.50.51
Na2S %z0.060.10.1
Water content 96>22.54
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